Electrostatic Spray

Powder paint particles are air compressed and conveyed to guns in which they are charged with Corona-type and Tribo-type guns. The charged powders adhere to the grounded surfaces. Powders that cannot adhere to the surface and fall down are collected by ventilation systems and filtered. Then, they are mixed with powder and used again. There are 2 types of charging/guns that allow this method to be applied. The gun types utilized in electrostatic spray and their features are listed below.korona_en


  • Charging can be controlled thanks to the electrical current. All types of powder of any thickness are used.
  • Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity have fewer effects.
  • Guns and operating costs are low.
  • The Faraday cage can result in the film thickness, which can change with a Voltage adjustment.
  • High consumption.
  • Powder replacement (System cleaning) is easy.
  • High risk of back ionization.



  • No need for high voltage. The powder is charged with friction.
  • Special particle-sized and tribo designed powders are used.
  • Easily affected by environmental factors.
  • High cost.
  • No Faraday cage effect.
  • The film thickness may vary with air adjustment.
  • Low consumption.
  • Difficult powder replacement.
  • Low risk of back ionization.